Kelly and Dan

Kelly and Dan, are two super nice popele. We had a little chat over a coffee and got on really well! Kelly actually asked me more about my proposal to my Fiancé (she said yes) in Thailand rather than her photography at her wedding. 

On the wedding day I arrived early to snap some shots of the venue. Little did I know that Kelly had been surprised with a car, so after the staff alerted me, I ran outside to see a stunning Rolls Royce and four extremely excited girls. Bridal prep was crazily relaxed and everyone was loving life. 

Dan arrived and I could tell instantly he was nervous. I snapped a few shot of him once he was ready and he began to settle. The relaxed feel soon disappeared and turned into nerves and emotion that I don't think I have ever seen before. The ceremony was a washout from both the Bride and Groom (sorry Dan), but this highlighted the love these two have for each other. 

The rest of the day was simply perfect, all the guests at the wedding were so comfortable around me (and the camera). I managed to get some pretty awesome portraits of this stunning couple due to them returning to their overwhelmingly calm state (thanks guys). We then headed back inside to dance the night away with all their friends and family. 

Thank you Mr and Mrs Wakefield, you guys are awesome!!!