A Delayed Review of 2017

So, im really late with writing this review, but, better late than never I guess. 2017 was a massive year for me and my mission to start shooting weddings. I had helped my good friend Tom South on some weddings in 2016 second shooting for him. That gave me a good platform to work from. I felt like I had learnt so much and I was ready to go it alone. 

I was super excited going into 2017 as my first year shooting weddings on my own. A huge responsibility I know but I absolutely love delivering an awesome product to my couples, which was a huge motivation going into my first solo year. 

All through id love to list all the weddings I shot and name all of the couples. My typing skills would have me sat at my computer for weeks on end writing this blog post. So, Im not going to do that. What I will say is, all of the couples who put their trust in me to shoot their big day, THANK YOU. If you want to see some of the images from all the cool weddings I shot in 2017, then check out the blog posts further down, or hang fire and check back over the next few weeks, as there are a few more weddings to post on the blog. 

I think that leads me onto 2018. Having already shot one amazing wedding in January, for another brilliant couple, the excitement grows. Plenty of weddings booked in and loads more enquiries flying into my messages, Arran James Photography looks set to keep on growing. 

Again, a massive thank you to all the couple who have booked me for 2018 and thank you for those who I have shoot for in 2017. I think ill leave this post with a few shots from 2017 and a few from the first wedding of 2018. Thanks Guys!!!!!