Laura & Lee

A Titanic Wedding 


This wedding was unusual as it was recommendation from my good friend Peter. Lee is actually one of his best friends, so naturally, when he asked could I shoot their wedding, I jumped at the chance. I went to meet Laura and Lee in Leaf, Liverpool (which is stunning by the way). Instantly, we clicked, these guys are just the nicest people. After hearing that their wedding was at the awesome Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, I was buzzing to get going!

Bridal Prep

I managed to persuade Laura to have some bridal prep photos, initially she wasn't too fussed, but it such a special part of the day I had to try and get at least a few snaps for them. Luckily both Lee and Laura where getting ready in the hotel, so I managed to jump between the two rooms and covered both of them getting ready! 

Humanist Ceremony

The ceremony plans for this wedding where something I had never come across at any of the weddings I've shot so far. Put simply, a humanist ceremony is based on content close to the couple. So, needless to say, it was a wash with emotion both laughter and tears! Awesome ceremony and a great idea for any couple who fancy a ceremony with twist. Sophie, the celebrant, was lovely and conducted the service perfectly. 

Wedding Reception 

I mean, what a great laugh this was! Laura is Irish, so the majority of her family where also Irish and they where hilarious! It is always such a privilege to be involved in weddings as they are such personal and emotional days. They can also be ridiculously funny, which this wedding was! I mean Laura's dad, he could be a stand up comedian!!! 

First Dance 

One of my favourite parts of the day! Weddings are extremely busy days and pretty much none stop except for the meal. So first dance is one of the only times the Bride and Groom actually get to spend with each other and it always shows. These two are very shy, and not massive lovers of the camera and attention, BUT, they completely ignored everyone in the room and enjoyed a very intimate first dance which led perfectly into the rest of the night and some brilliant dancing fun. 

Thank You, so much Mr and Mrs Mock! You guys are amazing and deserve all the happiness in the world!!!!