Fuji X-T10

I Know, It’s Old

Fuji X-T10-3.jpg

So, let me start with what the title says, I know, it’s old. BUT! That doesn’t mean the Fuji X-T10 is not an absolutely brilliant camera for street and travel photography.

Nikon D750

As you will know from visiting my website, I am a wedding photographer. For weddings, I use two Nikon D750’s. If your looking for a full frame DSLR, then these guys are unreal! The picture quality is amazing and the low light performance is unbelievable. So, I couldn’t be happier with these cameras for my wedding work. They are however, big and bulky and once you have a few lenses with you, it becomes a bit of a chore to carry for a casual trip to the streets or on holiday. Thats where the Fuji comes in.

Fuji X-T10 Size

The massive plus to the Fuji X-T10, is its size, or lack of. It is tiiinnnnyyyyy! It quite literally fits in my hand, better still, fits into my coat pocket, even with a lens attached. The Fuji XF-27mm F2.8 lens is what I use for street as it barely adds to the footprint of the camera.

If you have ever tried street photography or even just wandered around taking pictures with a DSLR, you will know it gets pretty boring after a while carrying that massive chunk of camera around. I can happily head out for the full day with my Fuji and not even realise I have it with me. Then if I stumble across a good scene, pull it out of pocket and snap away. Winner winner!

Fuji X-T10-5.jpg

Fuji X-T10 Image Quality

Nothing short of amazing! I had read the hype on Fuji’s amazingly perfect JPEG files. Pffftttt, yeee yeeee how good can they be. Well actually they are mind blowing. Weather you like to shoot in colour or B&W, the JPEG’s this little beast produces are stunning. I will add some files at the end of this post so you can see and they are all JPEG’s.

For me, RAW files are an absolute must in professional situation. They can help you with creative editing and be the difference from an amazing image and an average one. BUT, and thats a big but. Why would you need to shoot RAW when your out and about for fun taking some pics? You don't need RAW people! They take up massive space on your memory cards and computer, take ages to import, need a ton of editing? No thanks, give me my Fuji JPEG’s please. Thanks!

I have added the image below so you can see the detail in this JPEG! Ridiculous isn’t it?

Fuji Street_-8.jpg

Fuji X-T10 Handling

Another well know factor of all Fuji cameras over the last few years is the ergonomics. The way these little cameras feel in your hands is brilliant. I think every photographer likes the look of the old school camera. Fuji have created this and crammed all the modern tech into these cool looking cameras. Perfect! The button layout is great and super fun to use. It almost makes you feel like you are shooting film but with the luxury of digital. I love it!

Fuji X-T10.jpg

Fuji X-T10 Price Point

Okay, so if your going to buy a camera purely for fun, you may not have a huge budget for the very latest model of camera, weather its Fuji or any other brand. The X-T10 is a few years old now and has been replaced by the X-T20. So, the price reflects this. I bought my Fuji on Ebay for £225! Thats amazing value for money let me tell you. I wanted something cheap and fun to use but that would give me great image quality for my travels and street ventures. BOOM! Found it!


I would like to finish by saying, these are all just opinions. I am not a technical photographer, all I want is a camera that is quick and easy to use with pictures that make you go oooooooooo! This little Fuji gives me all of that. I would say its an absolute bargain and also a very good way if you shoot DSLR’s and want to have a look into the world of mirrorless, then give one of these little bad boys a buy! I promise you it will blow you away and make you want to get out more and shoot shoot shoot!

Ill leave with a few snaps from Liverpool City Centre and some pics from a recent trip to Milan in Italy. Thanks guys!!!