Website Revamp


So I have decided to make a few tweaks to my website to hopefully make the viewing experience a little more pleasurable.

If you know me, you know I love grey. I have made the majority of the sites background colour grey. I have also made the writing a dark shade of grey. Also changed the fonts and also spacing between letters and paragraphs.

Hopefully as you browse the website, its seems to flow nicely and its easy to view. If you have any suggestions for the site, that you feel would improve it in general please comment below and let me know!

Also if you have any ideas as to what you’d like to see me blog about, please let me know! I think I have a few blog posts coming about our amazing holidays we have had in Asia and also Italy.

Anyway thats all for now, ill be posting another awesome wedding blog this weekend, keep checking back to see when that goes live!

Thanks Guys!!!!